Alexander PantyukhinCreator & developer, surfboard shaper&designer.

Shaped by S. Panda

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When you see “Shaped by S. Panda”, what does that mean? Who is this S.Panda?

Sander Panda – Alexander Pantyukhin, surfer, developer, designer & shaper. Living in China, on Hainan island, where year round the wind is blowing and temperature doesn’t drop below 15 degrees Celsius. We started developing our own surfboards in 2012, after 3 years of research , making prototypes, finding relationship with different factories and doing many tests. Finally in 2015 we entered the surf market with the Ananas Surf trademark. Also, you can find the mark of the master “Shaped by S.Panda” on many boards in Mauritius, Balli, Sri Lanka, Thailand, HK, China and Vietnam.

100% of the boards were created with 3D Shape software and cut on Aku Shaper CNC machine in one of the professional surfboards factories which also produces other very famous brands. Professional workers, who have already made thousands of boards, finishing sanding core by hand in strict accordance with technical requirements.
Vacuum stick bamboo veneer or add reinforcement layers, artwork painting or finishing varnishing, every step made with accuracy and quality control. Upon completion we have high grade surfboards.

Custom surfboards, made in accordance with customer requirements, with your own logo or art print, special constructions or build in materials, you can receive your unique surfboard “Shaped by S.Panda”

  • Surfboard shaper&designer working closely with famous Asian factories and the most modern technologies of production surfboards.

  • Already realized more than 80 different surfboard shapes.

  • A kitesurfing instructor with years of experience, knowing the demands of surfers to their surfboards.
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You can directly contact with my from Contact page and order your own custom surfboard or purchase already produced surfboards and accessories.

With respect to their customers and with love to surf, Sander Panda. rospis_s_panda

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