EPS 26 kg/m3 core, PVC high density foam stringer with carbon fiber stripe stringer line, two side carbon fiber stripes and two layers fiberglass sandwich construction, this board durable and ready for advanced wake surfers. “Max PP” Max PP with sharp rails to be super-fast and stable, pop off the wake for riders that like to mash the gas or that are looking to upgrade to a faster board with lots of recovery abilities. The sharp rail generates speed in the wave by just leaning on the gas or can be pump driven. Combine our speed rail with the square tail and nose, you’ll be on your way to getting airs and developing your rotational tricks. Recovery from way back in the wave provides the confidence to work on performance and progression in your wake surfing!

Length Width Thick Volume
4’3″ 19″ 1.56″ 18 liter
4’4″ 19.1″ 1.6″ 19 liter
4’5″ 19.5″ 1.6″ 19.6 liter
4’6″ 19.7″ 1.6″ 20 liter