2019 new HP carbon fiber reinforced longboard with progressive shape, round tail for high performance surfing! 4+1 fins setup on thin tale with double V concave, EPS surfboard allowing you maximum glide and turn ease! With low entry rocker and single concave on narrowed nose part you’ll find a board that glides in the small stuff and can be ridden from the front. Progressive surfers will find a quick midsection, slightly pulled tail, with enough release to keep the board fast and loose. Also in traditional fiberglass construction. Early start for advanced surfers!

Length Width Thick Volume
9’0″ 21 7/8″ 2 3/4″ 63 liter
9’3″ 22 5/16 “ 2 7/8″ 70 liter
9’6″ 22 3/4 “ 3″ 76.2 liter