Ananas Surf Hardware & Accessories

Surfing, kite wave riding, winging – that is not only surfboards and waves, this is a culture and many other things. Style and design, quality, convenience and practicality – here’s what unites things from a collection of accessories for surfing from “Ananas Surf”.

Ananas Surf hydrofoil board cover


Ananas Surf Traction. Based on our years experience, tasted in collaboration with best surfers. Focusing on comfort, support and increased grip, Ananas Surf Traction keeps your foot connected to the board so you can push hard against your fins for maximum speed and drive.

Ananas Surf apparel is designed to stay comfortable and secure on the beach or in the surf and provide protection against the sun and elements.

Accessories for surfboards, hydrofoilboards etc.

Ananas Surf Polyester fabric surfboard stretch socks

Ananas Surf surfboard socks

Lightweight sun/sand protection. Made from high quality, thick polyester stretch fabric. Protective nose piece and drawstring closure. Internal wax/storage pocket.

Ananas Surf surfboards fins

Ananas Surf fins

Premium quality Ananas Surf fins for your surfboards, different colors, and materials for your own style. International surf standard fins base system.

Ananas Surf surfboard safety Leash

Ananas Surf Leashes

For every day performance and reliability in a different range of conditions. Lightweight and strength, double layer soft cuff, double swivels. Cuff, railsaver and cord can be change separately.

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