The new era was born new surfing styles and we follow new tendentious of surfing. We live in future and believe in happening!  Now, our friends surf on the city waves and find river spots near home! In collaborating with Moscow Flow City Wave we opened a new line of surfboards for River and Pool surfing. Paying attention to important key points of city wave surfing, surfboard rails durability and surfing feeling. City Wave Surfboards was developed with best surfers from Flow Moscow Surf club.   RiverPool from Pavel Persiayanov, SVT from Svyatoslav Polyuhovich, and Surf Minion softboard series developed with Alexey Makeev.

Ananas Surf RiverPool surfboard
Ananas Surf SVT One surfboard
Ananas Surf Minion Softboard Logo
Ananas Surf Minion softboard

We are really excited about the various surfboard options and giving the rider choices to choose shape and construction types within our lineup. Our surfboard lineup is reinforced to withstand the extra punishment of city wave. Regardless if you choose our proven bamboo sandwich technology or carbon stripes with HDFR our craftsmanship and quality is second to none as produce every board from our partner’s factory. We pluck the very best shapes for our surfboard lineup. Boards that are guaranteed to work well for City Wave surfing and high-performance maneuverability in mind. Give an Ananas Surf surfboard a ride and you will quickly understand how our many years of experience elevate your city wave surfing!