Classic Minimalibu surfboard shape, is a great universal surfboard gibrid with rounded shortboard tail and longboard volume. Ananas Surf minimalibu range 7’0″/7’4”/7”6″. Single to flat on center and slightly double concave on tail good mix for easy paddle and trimthe waves. The board great for independent beginners for paddling, catching waves and getting the most stability is a longboard. This could be considered a transition from a longboard. You might get to a comfortable level quickly and want a board with more maneuverability. This board is versatile enough for surfers of all skill levels to enjoy. Beginners can feel comfortable learning on this board and experienced surfers can have more fun on this than a long board. The wide nose still gives you the advantages of a long board for paddling but the smaller size and round tail will give you some added maneuverability and control. At small waves days – it’s a nice change of pace and a lot of fun to be able to catch waves further outside than you normally would on a shortboard. Get a Ananas Surf Minimalibu and have some fun with it!

Length Width Thick Volume
7’0″ 21 1/4″ 2 1/4″ 40 liter
7’2″ 21 5/16″ 2 1/4″ 42 liter
7’4″ 21 3/4″ 2 1/3″ 44 liter
Ananas Surf Bamboo deck plan