Alexander Pantyukhin
Alexander PantyukhinCreator & developer
Alexander Pantyukhin, surfer, developer, designer & shaper. Alexander is the only owner, main director, and chief of R&D and production.
Maria Egorkina
Maria EgorkinaAdministrator, pro rider.
Administration. She deals with the everyday work of administration. Also, the general consultant for the design and choice of color.
Evgene Karasev
Evgene KarasevPro rider, surfboard shape consultant
The instructor, a professional surfer, shape surfboards consultant, Sunrise surf school owner, Eugene our wild not faceted diamond. Can ride on any wave , in any conditions. And every time we have excellent promo photo and response for our questions about new board shapes.
Dmitriy Evseev
Dmitriy EvseevPro rider
Pro kitesurfer, surfer, wakesurfer, skateboarder,snowboarder, all board rider man! Basicly live on Mauritius, co-owner Pryde Club Mauritius and take part in world kitesurf competitions. We produce special surfboards and accessories products line ANANAS SURF “ЗЫБЬ” with Dmitriy and looking forward!
Erick Johnson
Erick JohnsonTranslator
15 years ago Erick come to China, Hainan from USA and now can speek Chinesse like native. Smiling and very positive person!
Oleg Ilichev
Oleg IlichevTeam rider
Kitesurf enthusiast, kitesurf instructor, promoter and very friendly man!
Oleg was believed in our mission from the first meeting and now he helping us to move our kitesurfboards to the next level!
Mukhammed Rakhmetov
Mukhammed RakhmetovPromoter
Surfer, SUP coach, promoter!
Mukhammed from Kazakhstan, live in China, on Hainan island, in Sanya, and help us move up our products in China.
Isabel Ramírez
Isabel RamírezBody Board Rider
Isabel live in Manzanillo, Colima, México, near Pascuales beach, Tecoman and the Secret in Faro de Campos, Manzanillo. She is 23 years old, surf bodyboard for three years and now she is a great rider and our team rider in México.
You can be here!So you want to be a part of our team?
Its sounds pretty good doesn’t it. Getting the support from the our company. Traveling the world, posting up in exotic locations. Being a part of the advertising campaigns that shape the sport of kiteboarding. Well yeah, in fact it is pretty good. A dream job by any standards. But like any “job” there’s some hard work thrown into the mix. Tell us what you want, tell us what you can!