Kitesurf boards Ananas Mint, Ananas Marsala and Ananas Indigo. Three brothers born to be free on the wave! Drink freestyle energy with fresh Ananas Mint, freeride emotions with Ananas Marsala and be independent with Ananas Indigo! And our favorite for small waves and strapless freestyle “Baba Yaga”!

Ananas Surf Yaga kite surfboard
ANANAS SURF MINT kitesurfboard
ANANAS SURF INDIGO kitesurfboard

We are really excited about the various kiteboard options and giving the rider choices on strapped, strapless and two different construction types within our lineup. Our kiteboard lineup reinforced to withstand the extra punishment of kitesurfing. Regardless if you choose our proven bamboo sandwich technology or extended honeycomb with HDFR our craftsmanship and quality is second to none as produces every board from our partners factory. We pluck the very best of shapes for our kiteboard lineup. Boards that are guaranteed to work well for kiteboarding keeping upwind capability and high performance maneuverability in mind. Give a ANANAS SURF kiteboard a ride and you will quickly understand how our many years experience elevate your kitesurfing!